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CakePHP 3 - My First Thoughts

23rd January 2014

I took the time tonight to review the preview release of CakePHP 3.  Having used CakePHP for 6 years, I had certain expectations about what I wanted from the Framework.  The leap from version 1 to 2 had been to improve things that perhaps version 1 hadn't got quite right - particularly improvements when it came to speed.  But other than the improvements, the core way that the framework worked was similar - the learning curve from version 1 to 2 wasn't that step.  So with eager anticipation, I began with CakePHP 3.

The installation of CakePHP 3 was very simple.  I was new to Composer, but it was very easy to use, and even set the permissions on my tmp directory - fantastic start.

From there, I was able to set up my database details no issue in the app/Config/app.php file (which for coders familiar with CakePHP 2, is a combined file of the core.php and database.php).  While my personal preference would have been to call the file config.php, I liked the idea of merging the two files.

I created my controller file, and perhaps out of habit more than anything, immediately went to type $this->Model->find();  This was when I realised things were different.  I knew CakePHP 3 was going to have a new ORM, and I know things are still only in the preview stage, but I do have some concerns with the way it works.

The first change is that when calling a model, CakePHP3 uses the plural model name rather than the singular. This will be a big change for programmers used to calling their model in the singular name.

After a bit of confusion, I managed to get my line of code to look like this:

$articles = $this->Articles->find()->first();

While perhaps a little more code than under CakePHP 3, my main concern was the speed.  It was slow.  That query alone look a few seconds and I only was only fetching one record.  I am assuming this is because the ORM is still being developed, or the way of doing the find query has just been done incorrectly - or I am putting the code in the wrong place! I have placed a ticket regarding this and will update when I get an answer.

6 May 2014 - Update - I reported the issue (with my old GitHub account) and the slowness issue has been since fixed.  Read about this here.

I will comment again on the next realise and as the documentation gets updated.  My hope is to gain an early understanding of the new framework so that I can actually help write and develop a lot of the documentation - and try to make it as simple as possible.  My only hope is, that the new ORM keeps a lot of the simple concepts from CakePHP 2 and CakePHP 3 doesn't try to change something too radically that so many developers have enjoyed for many years.

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