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Free Freelancer Software Developer Mentoring

My name is Michael Houghton, and I have been freelancing full time as a Software Developer for the better part of 13 years.

Freelancing allows me to live a dream lifestyle. I get to set my own working hours and have a full flexibility over my schedule each day. This allows me to do simple things, like collect my children from school, go to doctors appointments if I need to and help out during school activities or being able to attend school functions during normal working hours.

Michael Houghton - Freelance Software Developer Mentor

I get to wear what I like to work. There is no dress code! I dress for comfort and never have to worry about ironing a shirt or putting on a tie to go to work!

My house is literally 20 metres away. I built an office for myself, to have a separate work space - but my commute is literally a 10 second walk to work. I actually can't remember the last time I had to drive during rush hour!

In the last 13 years, I have visited and worked in over 35 countries. I am originally from New Zealand, but have spent time living in Germany, England, Australia and Ireland - which I now call home. In 2010, I travelled to over 20 countries, all while working as a freelancer. All I needed was my computer and a stable Internet connection.

Are you a Software Developer?

Maybe you are a Software Developer at the moment - perhaps you are doing the standard 9-5 thing for a company... if you have been interested in knowing how you can break into freelancing - I would love to help you!

I am at a stage in my career, where I would love to give back and help others. I plan to do this, by offering Freelancer Mentoring. Freelancing is a lifestyle. It is about more than just the money.... it is about being able to have your freedom, and being able to work around YOUR lifestyle.

If you are a Software Developer at the moment, or even if you are studying to be a Software Development either at College or if you are teaching yourself then I would invite you to apply for free freelancer mentoring.

What will the Mentoring Cover?

What I will cover during the mentoring will largely depend on where you are at with your freelancing career - but you can expect to cover things such as:

  • How to I get into freelancing (if not already in)?
  • Where am I now, and what are my next steps?
  • How much should I charge per hour?
  • How do I find clients? How do I find long term clients?
  • What technology should I be specializing in?
  • When do I go from moonlighting, to full time freelancing (if applicable)

The mentoring will consist of one or more one-on-one sessions with me. I will provide advise and we can have follow up sessions as needed.

There are no hidden costs or catch. I will expect you to work hard and in return I will work with you to help you take your next step as a freelancer.

Apply using the form below and I will reply within 72 hours to let you know if you were selected or not. I would highly recommend signing up for my free newsletter to receive regular articles and advise software freelancing.

Apply for Free Freelancing Mentoring

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