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Michael Houghton Portfolio

I have developed hundreds of websites since 2004.  The following is a small list of those projects, ordered by the most recent. I have been involved as the main Backend PHP Developer in all cases.

Adam Block Design

Adam Block Design sell Greek Apparel to US based College Sororities. Working with a FrontEnd Developer, I have been responsible for a variety of their website projects - from Ecommerce websites, to Operation Management platforms. The websites are build on CakePHP.  View website >>

Coderity - CakePHP Powered CMS

Coderity is an "out of the box" CMS for the CakePHP framework, available on GitHub under the MIT license. Elegant, simple to use and install, Coderity provides a easy to use, straight forward Content Management System for CakePHP 2. I am the main contributor to the open source project which is available for free.
View website >>

Riccardos Italian Restaurant

Riccardos is an Italian Restaurant based in Chelsea, London. I was contracted to help develop their online ordering system. This included working with WordPress, CakePHP and the Infusionsoft API.  View website >>

Wholesale Directory

Wholesale Directory is Ireland's premium wholesale directory, specialising in finding Irish based suppliers and distributors.  Built using CakePHP, Wholesale Directory has an advanced supplier registration system, an easy to use CMS for adding and editing suppliers and is linked up to Stripe for payments. In 2013, Wholesale Directory was a winner of the Irish Optimise FundView Website >>

Limerick Hockey Club

Built the website for the Limerick Hockey Club using CakePHP. The website is integrated with Stripe for payments, along with an advanced membership portal for managing members of the club.  View Website >>

NZ Protein

NZ Protein offers New Zealanders the opportunity to purchase high quality protein products and pay for them via Credit Card or Direct Deposit.  Powered by CakePHP, this e-commerce website has a full Content Management System, allowing the site owner to have full control over the management of the website, as well as complete control over the product inventory and orders.  Orders can be processed in the CMS and the customer is updated each step of the order process.  View Website >>


Helping found the company in 2004, today Elive is one of New Zealand's leading Online IT Retailers, with over 100,000 customers. The public aspect of the website is written in PHP, with the Admin Area written in CakePHP.  View Website >>


A tendering company required a system that allowed their extensive client base a simple way of downloading PDF files. BTSL has been established for over 30 years and required a complete overhaul of their existing website and internal database. The website was originally written in CakePHP 1.2, but has since been upgraded to version 2.  View Website >>

Terra Vitae

Wine Maker Terra Vitae were looking for a modern looking website. With a particular focus on design, I developed a CakePHP powered Content Management System, with an article management area, allowing the client to write latest news articles within the CMS.  View Website >>

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