Investment Portfolio

The following is a list of companies that makes up part of my portfolio.

WFS Ireland

WFS Ireland is a medium to long term forestry investment. Expected returns are over 15% per year. The company grows Christmas trees in the UK and sells the trees at wholesale.


Mintos is a European based peer to peer lending marketplace. Mintos has thousands of loans from over 50 loan providers. I invest in loans which come with a buy back guarantee.


Grupeer offers peer to peer lending in EUR. They have both development and convention loans available at rates of up to 14%. All loans come with a buy back guarantee.

Crowd Estate

Crowd Estate offer development loans for projects in Europe. Their loans come with buy back guarantees with rates of up to 16% interest per year.


Envestio offer peer to peer loans with a twist. Their loans tend to be for business ventures and as a result the returns can be very high (over 20% per year in some cases). Their loans come with a buy back guarantee.