Michael Houghton - Projects

As an entrepreneur, Michael has been involved in several innovative projects over the last number of years, including the following projects:

The Irish FIRE Podcast

The Irish FIRE Podcast follows the journey of Michael towards financial independence. Launched in 2019, Michael shares financial knowledge and stories as he progresses into the world of investing. Michael has interviewed several high profile names on the podcast, including former Irish Rugby International Jamie Heaslip.

An Dúlra Co-Op

An Dúlra Co-Op is an Irish initiative hoping to make a positive difference, by establishing Irish native woodlands. Irish residents can become shareholders of the co-op and become part owners of newly established Irish forests. Michael co-founded the co-op in September 2020.

Treaty FX

Treaty FX was established in early 2021 with the aim of providing free resources and education on how to become a Forex investor. Individuals can register for free and watch videos on how to set up a copy trading account to copy trades from professional traders. Michael founded Treaty FX as he felt there was a lack of genuine knowledge on Forex investing and wanted to pass on his experience to prevent others making the same costly mistakes that he made when he first started out.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker is designed for those who are pursuing financial independence and are looking for a software that will add accountability to their FI journey.

Portfolio Tracker was born due to Michael's frustration of keeping his investment portfolio recorded on Excel, but also wanting to find a way to track investing progress over time.

Portfolio Tracker is a simple, flexible investment software that will allow one to see the growth of your portfolio over time, without being complicated to maintain.

Hockey Development

Michael has helped establish four new hockey clubs in Munster, introducing over 300 children to the game of hockey. Michael is also an experienced hockey coach, coaching across multiple age groups from junior hockey to senior teams.

Michael co-founded the following hockey clubs: Castletroy Hockey Club, Ennis Hockey Club, Nenagh Hockey Club and Thurles Hockey Club

Wholesale Directory

Wholesale Directory is a website Michael launched in 2013 which connects retailers with Irish wholesalers. In mid 2013 Wholesale Directory was selected as a winner of the IEDR Optimise Fund.

Michael is always open to new ideas for projects. If you have an idea which you feel Michael could be a good fit for, please get in touch.