Remote Laravel Developer Introducing Michael Houghton

Originally from New Zealand and now living in Ireland, I have over fifteen years experience as a remote web developer. In the last four years, I have built projects exclusively using the Laravel framework.

As a web developer, I have worked on hundreds of projects, with clients based all over the world. I have lead teams and built projects from large e-commerce systems, order management systems, booking engines and accounting platforms.

I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2005 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Outside of the web development world, I have also made contributions in the community and am actively involved in a project to help establish new junior hockey clubs in Ireland, as well as looking to help establish new native forests in Ireland.

I am passionate about financial Independence and in June 2019 I launched The Irish FIRE Podcast, which tells the story of my journey towards financial independence.

I'm constantly hunting for new opportunities and am passionate about leaving a lasting legacy. Connect with me on LinkedIn, or join my email list below.


I have been involved in hundreds of web development projects over the last 15 years. The following is a overview of some of these projects.


One of New Zealand's largest eCommerce websites selling IT related products. The website lists thousands of products online and handles hundreds of orders per week.
The website was originally built in 2004 and has evolved and improved over time.


I helped develop an environmental accountancy system from the ground up over a 3 month period in 2019. I lead a team of four developers and we conducted 12 sprints over 12 weeks. The project was delivered on-time and to budget. The company was short listed for investment from Y-Combinator in 2020.


I helped develop unique features for a communication platform for Irish Nursing Homes that helps managers organize shifts for their employees. I worked within a Scrum environment with other developers building many features to aid with improving efficiency with filling shifts for care workers.

Gladwin Brothers

I built and manage 5 different websites for a London based restaurant group. As part of the development, I have built software allowing their customers to reserve tables and order delivery, During COVID-19, I helped build a Click and Collect software for the restaurants to stay open during a challenging time.

NZ Protein

I helped develop the first version of the website in 2011 and recently helped upgrade and convert the NZ Protein website from CakePHP to Laravel. I developed an advanced management system for the company to handle and process hundreds of orders per week.


I joined the Mclowd team in 2017 and originally implemented a wrapper solution to migrate their existing vanilla PHP code base to Laravel. Since then, I have helped with hundreds of features enabling the company to boost revenue.