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Michael Houghton Testimonials

I have developed hundreds of websites since 2004. See what some of my clients have to say about working with me!

NZ Protein

"I still can’t get over how good this site has been. I have been doing e-commerce for several years now and I know what I want. I’m also expanding the business and I know what I need the site to be able to do – and some of it is not easy, especially in regards to international shipping... Every time I ask Michael to add something on, he does it! He will get up in the middle of the night if there’s a problem, and answers every email. Now the website works exactly as I need it and the sales have increased. Previously, the order time was about 6-8 mins and now it seems to be about 1-3 minutes. It is a very efficient site."

David Mills, Founder of NZ Protein


"Michael has achieved beyond our expectations and things that we felt we would have to concede defeat on, he overcame with sheer minded determination. His endless patience as he worked through things with us and answered our endless queries and at times criticisms was exemplary. Michael’s disposition is one of his greatest assets we believe, allowing him to always be respectful and calm. His technical knowledge with the platform that we chose is excellent given the results that we have achieved. We have a well-regarded website that we are proud to present to our customer base."

Kaye Sinclair, Website Manager of BTSL

Adam Block Design

"My experience with web development was very frustrating until I found Michael. Out of the all the people I have worked with in my 10+ years contracting remote web development, Michael has proven himself to be the best communicator (by far), to grasp an understanding of our projects quicker than anyone else and, perhaps most helpful, he is always willing to present suggestions when he thinks he can help the business or save the company money, even at his own expense.

On top of his technical abilities, Michael is a pleasure to work with. He is one of the nicest people I know and he has an incredibly positive attitude. Due to the distance between us (I am in California and he is in Ireland), I have never met him in person, but with our constant communication it feels like we are great friends. I can tell he truly cares about my business and approaches our projects with the same care as if he was the owner of the company.

If we are ever in need of urgent help, Michael is incredibly responsive. He is always available on WhatsApp, and, in rare occurrences when urgent issues pop up, he will text me back/jump on his computer in the middle of the night, or even while on vacation, to fix it.

Together, Michael and I have worked through many sites and projects, and I could not be happier with the experience we've shared over the past few years. I would trust Michael to be a great addition to any team or project and cannot recommend him enough."

Adam Block, Co-Founder of Adam Block Design


"Michael is like a breath of fresh air. He is a friendly, top-notch senior developer, who is a great communicator - a rare find. Michael is able to jump into code and stay focused on projects without needing to rewrite it all. He makes improvements along the way and is test focused with great speed. His suggestions and communication style are professional and kind-hearted.

I am so pleased with his work. If you have the opportunity to work with him on a project, jump on it. I highly recommend him and consider him to be one of the very best."

Kerri Couillard - Founder & CTO of Babierge


"We have been outsourcing our web development projects to Michael Hougton for nearly 10 years. We have always work well together. I am a perfectionist and have high demands for our web projects, which Michael takes in his stride. The fact we still contract to Mike who is based half way around the world speaks volumes. I still have not found a development company in New Zealand who is as efficient, and responsive as Mike. When something has failed with our site after a major update he has been available whatever time of day/night. Mike is one of the most honest guys I know, very straight shooter and this has always been a benefit when working on a web project."

Nick Burbridge - Co-Founder & Website Manager

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